LOVs or Lists of values – one solution fits quite a few

Applications often have the need to have selection lists present and/or limit the possible choices for entry in a field. Some lists need to be static, and others need to be a bit more flexible in terms of adding new values. I’ve seen several solutions to this, and having been “stuck” on 11g for a long time, I thought I’d test out a “new” way of doing it using a composite foreign key and hidden columns.

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Debug domino

We found a bug in some old code. And we fixed it. Then other stuff started failing. It turned out that there were some other code, using the same function, that worked because of the bug. That forced us to roll back the fix and thereby re-introduce the initial bug that weren’t as critical.

So – we had to find a way to find out which code-paths were working because of the bug so we could fix those.

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