Selected to present on OUG Scotland 2017

I’m honoured to be selected to present twice on OUG Scotland 2017 in Glasgow in june:

Happily I get to deliver my favourite topic “Scalability, Maintainability, Correctness? Easier with #ThickDB“. In this session I’ll look at the Thick DB-paradigm and explain the major negative effects of not adhering to it it will have in a data-lifecycle perspective. We’ll take a red pill and look into The Matrix and see what really happens.

Sadly I’ll be doing that at the same time as Jonathan Lewis talks about “Reading Parallel Execution Plans”. I would really have liked to get a refresh on that topic.

In the afternoon, I’ll talk about a proof of concept (PoC) that we did in the last year: “Consolidating large critical medical databases with minimum downtime – a story from Norway“. The goal was to find a way to migrate 9 medical databases into one of about 100+ TB with a downtime of less that 4 hours for every migration. That includes replacing billions of keys in the process. This was a fun project where we could really test and evaluate different techniques of moving data from several sources into on large one. By applying better techiques and automation we reduced the data-loading downtime window from 15+ hours to 1-2.

I held both of these on OUGN’s spring seminar this year, and this time I assume that the latter session will be unobstructed by (the ferry’s) safety-announcements. 🙂

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